Philippines Projects

The Projects

After 2 trips to the Philippines, it became clear that there was a large gap when it came to living a successful life in family and business while balancing them both. Taking time with entrepreneurs to hear their struggles, we began to see that basic business principles such as a budget, cash flow, and management was lacking greatly. But along with that families were suffering due to bad money management and nonpresent parents.

With a combination of practical, spiritual and marketplace focus we have committed to training local families and business owners. We are also believing for greater community impact when others see the healthy family and successful business that can only begin to flourish as they apply practical life principles partnered with faith in a God who loves them and wants the best for them!

Below you will find our current projects on the go and the impact we are trusting to make.

Life Training
Marriage, Parenting, Finances

Business Launch
Highland Aquaponics

Business Training
Local Entrepreneur Workshops