Meet the Newhooks

We are a normal family. We have been married for 19 years and have 2 teenage boys. With that amount of life behind us and all around us you can imagine the “excitement” we have in our lives. This is an amazing adventure and the boys have been gracious enough to live it with us. We want to introduce to you our family, as individuals. We are all so different and we all bring such unique and perfectly fitting pieces to our family.


This guy! Mike has a HUGE heart for other people. He cares and wants to see people succeed. What seemed like a young man who couldn’t keep a job and made his father in law nervous so many years ago was actually the DNA of an entrepreneur that had not found his way. Now with 2 successful businesses, he finds himself pouring his knowledge and insights into others.  Ever since he was a young teen he had a heart for God and desired to walk out the plan that was laid before him. As a father to two teenage sons life can be like a rollercoaster of highs and lows but he LOVES finding ways to bless and honor them when he sees the moments arise. The one thing he has come to realize with gratefulness is God never uses a perfect person. It is through this humility that he has grabbed life by the horns and told his family to HOLD ON! He loves the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dominos Brooklyn Pizza and going on Sushi dates with his wife.


On TASK! Becky is more of an introvert but her heart is full when she gazes out on her life. Married to her best friend for 19 years, her life has turned out better than she could ever dream. While blogging for Newhooks Adventures she also manages their virtual online marketing company. Both of which keep her close to where she most loves to be – with her family.  Her husband will sometimes call her a machine because she is so focused and gets so much done in such a short timeframe. She adores spending time with her teenage boys (even when they are maybe not that into it) and her favorite date with her hubby is movie and popcorn, in or out. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, running when her body is not feeling too broken and cooking hot breakfasts for her boys.



Our Extrovert! Jakin means “he who establishes or he shall establish” so you can imagine what type of character and strength this one has. He is all feels and it’s an amazing quality as you always know how he is doing – good or bad. No second guessing with this teenager. He also loves people like his dad and will talk to anyone standing near him and share what he has if need be. Just turning 15 this past summer, he has desires to be more responsible and run his own life a bit more than normal. But he is doing a mighty fine job. Quick to apologize and just as quick to forgive. When he’s not traveling with mom and dad he enjoys going to the recreation centres and swimming or playing floor hockey and when he’s chillin it’s on Fortnite, connecting with his online friends, some even in the Philippines.


Our Introvert! Our Zac has the kindest and biggest heart you can find. Even though he does appreciate ALOT of alone time he is full of chatter and stories one on one. His name means “remembered by God,” and we can see that all around his life. Zac is loyal and trustworthy and he may not have 100 friends but if your lucky to be in the small circle of 1 or 2 your life will be better for it. He is a true friend and his thoughtfulness will touch you if you are around him. He is creative in his ways and we can’t wait to see where life brings him. He enjoys binge watching Last Man Standing and playing Destiny with his cousins online. When he’s out and about he enjoys biking, swimming and SOMETIMES cooking.