Life Training

Doing Life Together

The Philippines in the last several years has become one of the most tech-savvy, forward-thinking countries in Asia. With the newest technology, thousands of call centers and overseas companies moving their business to the Philippines it has created a stability that has never been felt in years before. More and more families have found a financial security than ever before. Unfortunately, families still struggle with life. Without knowledge or training when it comes to marriage, parenting, or finances the relationships are mostly strained or even nonexistent and debts are constantly lent with interest stealing away any stability they might have had. Our desire is to do life together along with valuable training that will bring hope, life, and joy to marriages, parents, and children. To see them succeed in financial management and find real stability.


Family Training

The following are topics and some resources that are being used to bring health and stability to local families that we are in relationship with as well as those who reach out in need of help.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • DISC Profiles and Personality Profiles
  • Love and Respect (Marriage Resource)
  • Moral Revolution (Teen Resource)
  • Parenting with Purpose (Parenting Resource)
  • Poverty, Riches and Wealth (Financial Resource)
  • Boundaries (Relationship Resouce)