Highland Aquaponics

Shifting Generations

Currently, Mike and Becky have invested in their first Aquaponics full-scale greenhouse site which will be in full operation by October 2018. They plan to raise up the local farmers and families to run the greenhouse, with their oversite and training. Within the next 2 years, the plan is to launch another 5 greenhouses furthering their impact on the nation of the Philippines all the while changing the way farming is done and bringing their values of faith, family and generosity to the ones that wish to change their lives and impact generations. Currently, we have two locations, 1 test site in Balili, one 1200ft Greenhouse full operating in Shilan and a third in the building stage in Pico set to begin selling May 2019.


Future Focused

The vision and impact of aquaponics is so much larger than we could even imagine and below are some of the expansions that are currently being looked at and opportunities created.

  • Local Training Centre for other farmers to come and learn aquaponics for their local communities
  • Agri-Tourism for tourists coming from all around Manila including tours, cafes and markets
  • Community Workshops for local barangays to create a local food source for their local families
  • Vegetable and Salad Bar Store Front that sells the produce to local families and introduces them to fresh ways of eating on the go


Balili: Set up in April 2018 is located in La Trinidad just outside of Baguio City is Highland Aquaponics test site. This gives us the ability to test different environments, setups and vegetables before moving them to the large-scale farm.

Shilan: Located 20 minutes outside of Baguio City, Shilan has become the FIRST full-scale site for Highland Aquaponics. With land secured for 5 years and investors secured for the build, this greenhouse will be up and running in October 2018.

Pico: Located 10 minutes outside Baguio City, this second commercial location for Highland Aquaponics will allow for a greater quantity of vegetables for the demand that is growing locally as well as provincially. We plan to increase our supply to meet the needs of this market which will be ready for full production for the rainy season. This land is owned by the new partners family so there was no investment required for the land – just the build and set up of the aquaponics greenhouse and system

Highland Aquaponics Updates

April 2019 Shilan Location is thriving – selling 60-100 Kilos of lettuce a week along with cucumbers and tomatoes in partnership with Session Groceries as our distributor. We currently have a farm manager living on site and a team that seeds and plants on Mondays, and harvest on Friday and Saturdays.

May 2019 Pico Location to launch – currently an 8-bed aquaponics farm with the ability to grown over 2000 heads of lettuce a week! The demand for products in Manila is high and this site is set up to meet the upcoming demand for the rainy season.

  • complete the plumbing and fill tanks with water
  • plumbing the 8 floating raft beds with the system and filling with water
  • preparing holes in the styraphome and drilling hundreds of holes for seedling cups
  • planting 2200 seedling cups to place in floating rafts
  • purchase 5000 fingerlings (baby fish) to place into the system

We will update this gallery with images as the project continues.

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