Entrepreneurial Ventures

Thinking Bigger

Over the last 15 years Mike and Becky have bought, launched and built several companies. Some have suceeded and others have flopped! But the lessons learned has been invaluble both in their trust in God and in the sphere of business. The name Metron means, sphere of influence, and that is what we felt years ago would be our mission. To influence those who were in our sphere – spiritually and financially through relationships and generosity.

There are two common mindsets that occur in culture. The first is Hand to Mouth Syndrom. It is small thinking that creates a thought pattern that causes one to think day to day and never to think bigger or plan ahead. The second is crab mentality. When one friend or family begins to succeed, you try to discourage or create thoughts that would bring doubt that succeeding is ever possible. This has produced the vision and mission to Bring Prosperity to Poverty & Vision to Aimlessness.

Business Ventures

  • Flying Pigs (Canmore Recycling Company 2005-2010) Bought for $18,500 and sold 5 years later for $100,000.


  • Watch My Wedding (Calgary, Alberta 2010-2012) Launched and booked live streaming wedding services but were pushed out by the live streaming market that evolved with Facebook and YouTube live streaming services.


  • We Edit Sermons (2014) – launched and marketed but never materialized. Was inspired by We Edit Podcasts but the vision and the finances were not there in the church community to make this business work.


  • Partalk (April 2018-September 2018) – an online english torturing service for asia students wanting to learn English as a Second Language. Due to lack of research and timing the business did not meet projected returns. Pricing, lack of overseas management and misinformation caused this company to fold.


  • Metron IT (2007 – Present) – launched in Canmore, Alberta as an IT company which grew quickly and expanded into commercial space. Moved to Calgary and began building a larger clientel. Has moved out of residential services and exclusively services small and medium businesses in Managed Services, Desktop Support, VOIP Phone Systems and Data Back Up.


  • Metron Marketing (2012 – Present) – birthed out of the need from IT clients that were frustrated with their website companies, Metron began to build websites for their IT clients and service them. This expanded in social media marketing and has continued to expand into all areas of online marketing included SEO, AdWords, Web Development and Content Marketing.


  • Highland Aquaponics (April 2018 – present) – what started as a small vision to provide a new way of farming for our long time friends and farmers, Roni and Ming, turned into a commercial agricultural company. With Americans and Philipinos now in partnership this commercial aquaponics venture will bring jobs, healthy food and fresh vision to the local communities in the Philippines.