Commercial Aquaponics

Shifting Generations

In 2017, Mike and Becky invested in their first aquaponics test site followed by a full-scale greenhouse site which began full-operation in November 2018. Thus, allowing local farmers and families to run the greenhouse. Mike and Becky spent 7 months (October 2018-May 2019) living and learning side by side with their hands on oversite along with farm and business training. As of April 2019 the second commercial aquaponics farm was launched, allowing the growth of over 16,000 heads of lettuce meeting the demands that had increased in the market. Within the next 2 years, the plan is to launch another 5 greenhouses around the world, changing the way farming is done and bringing their values of faith, family and generosity to the ones that wish to change their lives and impact generations.




Balili: Set up in April 2018 is located in La Trinidad just outside of Baguio City is Highland Aquaponics test site. This gives us the ability to test different environments, setups and vegetables before moving them to the large-scale farm.

Shilan: Located 20 minutes outside of Baguio City, Shilan has become the FIRST full-scale site for Highland Aquaponics. With land secured for 5 years and investors secured for the build, this greenhouse has been up and running since November 2018!

Pico:┬áLocated 10 minutes outside Baguio City, this second commercial location for Highland Aquaponics has allowed for a greater quantity of lettuce for the demand that is growing locally as well as provincially.This land is owned by the new partners family so there was no investment required for the land – just the build and set up of the aquaponics greenhouse and system. This greenhouse has been up and runnning since April 2019!




Ardrosson – ┬áLocated 10 minutes outside of Sherwood Park, Alberta the first Canadian Aquaponics farm will be launched December 2019. This new location will bring chemical free lettuce to the local chefs and farmers markets. This farm will be a small commercial NFT aquaponics system and hopes to create profit for further expansion of farms around the world. The land is currently being rented long term by new partners who hold valuble buildling skills that go well with our aquaponics experience.

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