Business Training

Thinking Bigger

There are two common mindsets that occur in the Philippines culture. The first is Hand to Mouth Syndrom. It is small thinking that creates a thought pattern that causes one to think day to day and never to think bigger or plan ahead. The second is crab mentality. This is the most common mindset we see in the area we serve in. When one friend or family begins to succeed, you try to discourage or create thoughts that would bring doubt that succeeding is ever possible. If they do succeed there is much jealousy. Both mindsets keep the poverty cycle looping over and over in families.

In order to think bigger and break off these mindsets, it is essential to open their thoughts to see what is possible for them and others. Dreaming, planning, discipline, and practical business training can allow anyone to succeed and make a difference for their families.

Business Training

The following are topics that are currently in motion for small businesses that we are working with or are made available to entrepreneurs and business owners who reach out for help.

  • Cash Flow (using excel and counting every penny)
  • Budgets (planning and preparing)
  • Business Plans
  • Bookkeeping (QuickBooks training)
  • Incorporating and Tax Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • DISC Profiles and Personality Profiles

Current Businesses

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