In moments when you feel like you are free-falling or in times when there is panic or uncertainty I must share something called The Parachute Principle.

Last month God showed me the most amazing view and I felt like the timing of sharing it was now. With our 16 year old Jakin away in Brazil at the moment, I must lean and trust in our faithful Father to take care of him and lead him in all things. We are no longer there beside him to remind, encourage or support. This is his first trip on his own, away in another country from us and that takes faith on everyone’s part. As we all embark in this moment of independence and letting go these are the thoughts on my mind:

Have we hidden the word of God in our hearts?

Do we know his promises that he declares over us?

Is the truth settled in our hearts and souls?

The answers to the above is what will assist us in letting go, leaning in and trusting God to complete the work that he started. It may be a letting go of your child or it could be a messy marriage. It could be a weight loss journey or it could be a major life decision. Whatever it is there is a free-falling that occurs and in that moment do we know we have a parachute and believe God is on our side and in our corner or do we believe we are actually free-falling and about to be broken and obliterated into many pieces as we crash land into the earth.

Last month I felt God show me that the enemy has plans set up for our lives. We know this from 1 Peter 5:8-9 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. He has thoughts and circumstances planned out that would appear to be disastrous. They usually come smack dab in the middle of us marching forward full of faith towards what God wants us to do. Or they come on the tail end of what is already dark and meant to do us in for good. We are living in a broken world of free will and people’s choices can have large impacts on our lives. Things happen that we cannot explain or make sense of. I am not here to argue the sovereignty of God – only to declare a way to have HOPE as an anchor in the middle of life’s storms. I just want to expose that there is a devil and he is seeking to devour. Fortunately, it won’t be me! 😊

When these hard times come; trails, challenges and situations that have us gasping for breath or cause our minds to spin, we have been given all the tools to overcome and take on something I like to call The Parachute Principle. The enemy is coming to push us out of the plane – the plane of our destiny, future and calling. He is coming to devour us from the inside out and hopes that we have no tools. But oh do we have tools! Truth and Promises are our tools and if you know how to use them you will not free fall to your death.

The word of God is FILLED with promises for the sons and daughters of God. As we released Jakin for this missions trip to Brazil, I had faith in all that was happening because I had promises from heaven for our son. As you go through hard times these promises become your parachute!

So the devil is throwing you out of a plane, laughing and thinking – “brace for impact,” this is going to take them out! In celebration, he watches…and to his utmost dismay he sees you reaching for your promises, your truth that has been hidden in your heart for a time just like this. You grab them and WALA!!! Your Parachute of Truth releases and instead of plummeting to earth you are gliding in the air smoothly with the most AMAZING view. Is it possible to enjoy the view when we are going through tough times? I believe 100% YES!

BUT Is it crazy and is fear and panic shooting through your chest? Of course, it is!

BUT Are you second-guessing everything in this split second when it feels like a free fall? Of course, you are!

BUT can you place your trust in Jesus, the author, and finisher of your faith, and as you do, release a parachute that explodes into the air and brings your free fall to an immediate stop? YES YES and YES!

In Ephesians 2:6 it says that we are seated in heavenly places, that our spirit man that is alive in Christ is there seated with him. We have authority and we can be at rest because He has conquered death and the grave. This also means that we have a pretty good view…hence The Parachute Principle.

A couple of years ago I began to hear God’s heart for my family and I began to download promises from heaven for them. In moments of uncertainty or hopelessness…In seasons of shifting or fear…I read these promises out loud and I hold on tight. I put on my parachute and I ready myself because if the devil is going to come at me, you can bet I have my hand on my parachute and I am ready to deploy those promises! We have complete peace and pure excitement for our son as he goes on this mission and I am armed with God’s thoughts and promises for him.

Today I encourage you, I IMPLORE you to get your bible out and find the promises and truths that you can hide in your heart. You may have promises that God has spoken to you that you forgot about and you may need to get your journals out and find those again. Print them out and place them around your home and let the HOPE that is in those promises anchor your soul.

You may have NEVER found or had promises from God recorded or even remembered! Google “Promises for God’s children” and you will have your pick! If you are a child of God – those promises are for you! Find the ones that speak to you, write them down, memorize them and equip yourself. I have created a simple Promises Starter to begin your journey if you are feeling lost.

Honestly, I HATE the thought of skydiving and I really would not be a volunteer to do any such thing but I sure do love the image and I sure will be equipped with my parachute principle for those moments I feel like I am in a free fall.

CLICK HERE to download a PRINTABLE Promises Starter