We have been in Canada for 13 days. Jet lag was not as bad as we have experienced in the past which has been great. Just a few sleepy moments and maybe some late nights but completely manageable.

The most common question that we are asked is “When are you going back?” We don’t know the answer and agreed as a family that we won’t even address it until we are through this month of May. With some exhaustion and a lot of emotions close at hand we decided to let ourselves land, rest and focus on friends and family this month.

We recognize this season as a season of rest and recovery. Taking the time to listen and hear the next steps. Sometimes I feel our life is like a scavenger hunt. We have the clue for the next step and so we complete those and end up at the next stop looking for the next clue that will take us to the next stop.

We got the first clue in October 2016 and proceeded to book a 3 week trip to Baguio to bring the boys back to where Mike and I started our lives and met and cultivated relationships with youth we loved. We knew and felt a connection and that God had something planned. So we proceeded to plan a return trip and in January of 2018, we returned for a 6 week trip to listen and investigate further. A little conversation about aquaponics brought the 3rd clue which settled what we were to do. Last October we left with a vision from God and in obedience, we carried it out. This amazing aquaponics business is employing 5 employees full time and will be hiring more as we head into June. Now we are home and we can kind of see where we are going but this scavenger hunt has us on a stopover. A tune up you could say.  It was over and above what we could have ever imagined! It was harder then we ever expected. It required more resources then we had planned to give.  BUT through it all we look back and are so amazed at what God is doing and that we get to be a part of it. That we, IT and Online Marketing business owners, are now farmers!

The question still lingers…why are we home? When farms are being launched, production is being tweaked and staff are learning operation expectations – why are we are thousands of miles away. 4 days after we got home we find out they over sold the lettuce and 3 days after that we found out they added thousands of gallons of water to the new farms system and over flowed the capacity and now back to square one with PH levels. The frustration and weariness of being so far away were real in those moments.

But the truth is we are here in Canada and the season was planned over 7 months ago so we must trust our God that he has a plan. A plan for us and a plan for the Philippines in this season.

As we have found spaces to rest, worship and share the last week I can see this as a Tune Up season.

You see a car can go 6000-8000 kilometers and run well and efficiently. Some you can even push to 10,000. If you service your car properly you will be able to drive that vehicle for many years. When you plan a road trip you service the car; equip it with a spare tire, put air in the tires, change the oil, clean it out and ready it for the trip. But when that car comes back it needs to be attended to. It needs to be cleaned out, gassed up and serviced.

We just went on a big road trip and we have pulled into Mr. Lube for a service. It’s such a funny example for me who is NOT a car girl AT ALL. But I do know that after 7 months of much work, both business wise as well as relationship-wise, we could really use a tune-up. I know people who have pushed their car to the point that they are FORCED to stop. If you do not put gas in the tank you will run out and your next appointment will be interrupted because you did not take notice. If you do not get an oil change you will end up on the side of the road with a car that has burned it’s engine up and your life will immediately take a hard stop. We can see we are to take care of ourselves and our family on this side of the world.

  • How often do we miss these opportunities?
  • How often do we not recognize that we are in a season of rest and recovery so we can be strong and focused for the next season of work and vision?
  • How often do we ignore the red warning light flashing on your dashboard indicating a problem?

There are no red lights flashing on our dashboard 😊 There is only a sticker on the top left corner giving us direction that times up – pull in – and get serviced. A new sticker will soon appear with more vision of a new distance of travel allowed and we will pull out and be on our way.