I am not sure what is so good about Good Friday. Honestly, it should be called Gorey Friday. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Anglican – Easter is a time that we remember why we have Love, Grace and Forgiveness extended not only to our own life but reminds us that we have the ability to pour it out to others around us. Jesus – the one who died for our sins, was raised from the dead so we can be saved; that is the basis of all Christianity and the one main doctrine that established our faith.

I am not sure about you but the day that Jesus was put to death was not a good day for the many followers and family that experienced it so long ago.

Imagine being Mary watching her son go through the most terrible death? Or what about John, most loved disciple watching your best friend being put to death. Looking around for the others who had lived those 3 years as his followers and realized you are alone – everyone has deserted Jesus in the most desperate of times. Imagine being Peter, the most outspoken disciple hiding and knowing that you have become a coward and protected your own life instead of standing up for your friend. The saddest of them all is Judas – you are the one who lived up close and personal with Jesus, saw the miracles, experienced the love and realizing you have given up Jesus to the ones who hate him most and he will die the most horrific death…because of you.

No good Friday does not seem so good to me. I look at our own lives – and I can list so many circumstances and situations when I could see nothing good. Moments you realize you have failed – failed in your marriage, as a parent or as a friend. Times when you experience great loss and there is no understanding or reason to the pain that is felt. Seasons where you have cried your eyes out in secret or felt so much anger because you are out of control and at a complete loss to explain life’s circumstances. There is nothing good about any of those things – they are sad, confusing and disappointing.

The days that followed the death of Jesus would have been horrible for anyone who loved and followed him. For anyone who had received their miracle or words of life that changed their world it would have been the saddest. So what is so GOOD about Good Friday?

Before we answer that question I must return to the farm for a moment. Whether aquaponics or traditional farming they have 1 thing in common; they both must start with a seed. These TINY seeds are placed and covered – buried. For sometimes weeks you see NOTHING. But what is happening beneath the dirt is something. First, the seed breaks open and roots, that will absorbs the nutrients, take form. Eventually, the small plant that has formed beneath the dirt will breakthrough and the first sign of life appears. Was there no life before it broke through the dirt? NO! Life was taking place – unseen. Patience and Trust in the process keep us from digging up those seeds.

Good Friday is more of a statement that a farmer would relate to – after a day of planting, (or burying seeds in the dirt) a farmer would call that a good day. Jesus died and was buried – what people didn’t know is that he was a seed and he would rise again and the fruit of his life would allow us to live free, loved and forgiven.

I felt compelled to share a prayer that God gave me over 2 years ago that I pray over my family when life gets hard and when I don’t understand what He is doing. You see I believe that because Jesus is alive I have access to pray to His Father, who is my Father. I also have the Holy Spirit who was left as a helper and can reveal heavens ways and plans. Through the 3 of them, I know that I can place my HOPE in heaven to establish miracles and change in my life, my families life and in the lives of those around me.

The following prayer is for “GOOD” Friday. When death is all we see, when life is hard and we cannot see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and when confusion and lack of vision cause us to stumble all over ourselves. On this Easter Weekend may this crafted prayer, (Heaven’s thoughts for you)  breath LIFE over your hopeless circumstances. May you see the Goodness of God ALL OVER your situation and may the HOPE of heaven anchor your soul. I encourage you if you identify with the lack of Goodness your seeing to pray this prayer aloud over the hearts and lives that appear hopeless and watch and see God do a miracle for you!

An Easter Crafted Prayer – God’s Thoughts for You

“My child, bringing life to death is my specialty. Giving life to death gives an opportunity for all to see ME and MY goodness. That is the goal and You can enjoy all the benefits! Know there is still time! Time has not run out and I am and will continue to fight for you. When I promised Abram that I would make a covenant with him and give him a huge family, that he would be a father, I knew full well his age and his wife’s state. When our friend Lazarus breathed his last breath and our friends Mary and Martha fell into grief – we saw it as an opportunity – not a failure. We feel your pain when things are not right but never lose hope! Today I call things that are dead– ALIVE – Come forth! Like I said, breathing life into dead things is my specialty and today I breath that life into you! 

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