Friday, March 8th was harvest day. We were harvesting 44 kilos of lettuce for Manila delivery. 4 of us were meeting at 9am as we usually had for a couple of months to harvest, process and pack 528 heads of romaine lettuce. Walking into the farm my foot stepped into a rut and rolled beneath me. I heard a quick snap and hung onto the wood greenhouse beside me…I knew this wasn’t good. I limped over to a chair and elevated it as I watched it swell.

There were a few problems at hand. First off we were in Shilan at the farm and there are no taxi’s, jeepneys or any form of transportation that would be driving by. You have to schedule a pick up with a “garage” (a hired private taxi) OR walk up a massive hill (about 10 min) to the main road to flag someone. Second, the greenhouse is not immediately off the main road – you have to carefully climb down a hill, navigate your way on a narrow path and down some very unstable homemade steps. Getting out of here was going to be painful. Lastly, I was an hour away from a hospital and Mike was out and about doing errands that morning so I would not be getting out of there or treated any time soon.

With all of that, I decided the only thing I could do was elevate my foot and process lettuce. Take the lettuce that had been harvested, remove the roots, slip off the growing cup and cut off the romaine head for packing. So I processed lettuce and waited…

Luckily Mike had rented a garage for the morning to get the errandS done so he came my way fairly quickly (within an hour) and we started the grueling process of getting out of the farm. I had to put weight on my hurt foot to get up and out and it was painful and not fun. We drove 45 minutes to the private hospital, Mike called our insurance and the rest is history. The snap I heard was real and my bone had a fracture. The reality set in as they wheeled me back to wait to see the surgeon and that is where the few tears that got cried were cried. The realization that I was going to be off my feet and unable to do anything for weeks. Cue Chocolate Cake and Cappuccinos 😉

With no surgery required, a cast was placed and I was sent home. We were sent to purchase crutches and after visiting 5 pharmacy’s with no luck we returned home. It was the last weekend of the flower festival and main roads are closed and the city is FULL so we decided Mike would return in the morning to find crutches so I could hobble around and at least get myself to the bathroom and bedroom myself.

If I were to say the first few days were a breeze I would be lying. Luckily I had done groceries for the next couple weeks, caught up on laundry and had the house in order. But when Mama is out of order – the whole house is out of order. I do not say that to any disrespect to my amazing men – I only say that because we all have our roles here. As of right now, we are in the final 4 weeks of the 2nd commercial aquaponics farm which is the busiest time for Mike. He is installing the system house and organizing the final seeding and planting schedules and overseeing staff. So he already had his plate full. And now his wife is out of commission! This added stress and anxiety causes emotions to run higher than normal. Our teenagers are pitching in and helping every day in ways that make me proud but their emotions that come out from me not being in my normal roles have caused a bit of chaos the last couple mornings.

Anxiety, Chaos and Stress – boy doesn’t that sound delightful. Well trust me it’s not.

  • Why would I be put on the sidelines?
  • Why 7 weeks before we leave for Canada would I be unable to do almost anything for 6 of those?
  • Why in one of the busiest and vital times for our aquaponics farms would I be unable to be AT the farm?

Can I just suggest that in the middle of hard moments, unscheduled events and confusing circumstances there are things in play that we cannot see or understand?

Last week I was reading “The Love of God” by Oswald Chambers, the same one I referred to in my last blog. When I read what I had studied two days before my accident it sheds a whole new light on my situation and hope is sent down to anchor this soul.

“Today Jesus Christ is at work in ways we cannot tabulate, lives are being drawn to Him in a thousand and one incalculable ways, an atmosphere is being created, seeds are being sown, and men are being drawn nearer to the point where they will see Him.”

My journal entry from that same day, March 6th  responding to that book, also sheds light and makes that Hope anchor a little heavier as my soul finds it centre and calm.

“We have less than 2 months left and a lot to do – but that sentiment, those words, they tell me you are at work! You are on the move, advancing, moving all around – in ways we cannot even keep track. You are on the move – we can relax, trust and do what we have been shown and let to do.”

Oh how can you not laugh as I shared my heart with Jesus that morning? “You are on the move, advancing and moving all around…” “We can relax, trust…” I can just see Jesus smiling as I shared my hope as we shared hearts that morning knowing that soon I would not be MOVING at all.

So I can sit here (as challenging and sometimes boring as it can be) and know that I don’t have to “move” because HE is and I don’t have to “advance” because HE is. HE is working – He is doing and I can trust and relax because I cannot tabulate or calculate, dream or imagine what He is up to.