We are in the season of moving sidewalks. This week Highland Aquaponics will be announcing the launch of our SECOND FARM which will break ground February 1. If you are on our newsletter email list you know that the start of 2019 was not full of celebration but loss and hardships in the aquaponics business side of things. You will be asking the following questions:

  • Suckers for punishment you might ponder?
  • Not enough on our plate already you may say?
  • Aren’t you coming home soon you might ask?

Well, the truth is those questions have all been asked and answered but not without a lot of discussion, prayer, weighing of options and a lot of fear and trembling. This past week we had a formal business meeting with the Filipino partners and their wives along with our new American partners who will be coming in as investors for the second farm with family land. We planned and prepared routines as well as laid out roles. We have a team – a strong team with many talents and strengths to compensate for weaknesses. It feels good and we feel focused and ready for 2019.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that part of me, the entire time considering this second farm, did not have apprehension. You see, we are so ahead of schedule that it feels like maybe we should slow down. It should not be happening this fast, we should not be where we are. We have done in 6 months what others do in 2 years. It does not make sense and my soul flags it.

As I prayed, waited and meditated with the God who called us here and loves to be in every part of the process I saw this picture of an airport terminal with moving sidewalks. When we fly here we have 1 long haul flight and it’s between 10-13 hours and you sit for most of that. Sure you can get up and stretch and walk the aisles but the truth is you are not moving much. So when you arrive at your connecting flight at the next city the right and proper thing to do is to walk it off. Sure they have moving sidewalks that you can jump on and just get moved along but your body needs to move – so I usually choose to walk to the connecting gate.

In this picture I saw God putting us on a moving sidewalk, I am pushing back a bit because I SHOULD be walking, taking the long way but no – we are being put on a moving sidewalk. We are passing people that are walking and we are moving forward. We are in the season of moving sidewalks.

Sometimes I feel like we HAVE to take the long way around. And YES trust me when I say – Mike and I have taken the long way around a few times over. In our marriage, in business and sometimes in our parenting. Sometimes the process is necessary for our maturity or it’s caused by bad choices and we are left to walk it off. But there are times and moments that we are put on a moving sidewalk and things are moved WITHOUT EFFORT.

I want to encourage you who are reading this today that it is OK to trust for moving sidewalks in areas of your life that feel slow, sluggish or altogether stopped!

Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me all the days of my life.

Follow me… meaning I am moving forward, going towards something, and his goodness and loving kindness is behind me.

Sometimes the reason we cannot get on the moving sidewalk is that we are focusing too much on the past. If there is anyone that could look at their past it’s us. We have plenty of garbage and wreckage behind us. We could stay still, unmoving if we chose to look behind us and focus on the past.

The beauty of this verse is that even if we do take a glance behind us all we see is his goodness and loving kindness. Some of you keep looking back and behind. What you see stops you and slows you down. You forgot that it is HIS goodness and Kindness that has got you where you are today and it’s STILL FOLLOWING YOU! Despite bad choices, unfair abuses, financial turmoil or wrecked relationships. It’s OK to move forward and allow these moving sidewalks, (unfair advantages,) to move us forward faster. It’s OK to enjoy some fast moving sidewalks instead of taking the long way or walking slowly. That is what his grace and love is for; to take us higher, go faster and have unmerited favor in all areas of our lives.

So here we are on a moving sidewalk in a foreign country, as IT and Online Marketing Specialist, building aquaponics farms with people we knew 18 years ago when we first lived in the Philippines as newly married youth pastors.


It is as ridiculous as it sounds. It is nothing near a miracle and so we enjoy the moving sidewalk. If we have a weak moment where we try to look behind we only see His goodness and loving-kindness, following so close behind us. So we relax, smile and laugh because what else can you do?