This past couple of weeks have been incredibly exciting as you have watched us online share about the harvest, the grand openings, and the buyers and potential leads in the agriculture industry. But as we moved into operations and orders the cultural and communication walls seemed to shoot up faster than we could keep up. As I was remembering and praying I felt God say – the elevation changes from valleys to mountains – the highest peak to the lowest valley have some side effects…. As we head into the Christmas season which will be a time to relax and be with family I wanted to share honestly what we face and what God is saying about it. I pray that you find grace and extend it to your soul as you may face similar circumstances.

I am not sure why we feel the mountaintops are where we aim to be… Yes the views are AMAZING and the heights bring accomplishments but the truth is you can barely breathe once you’re on top and you cannot stay there for long. We had some mountaintops that we stood on the past couple weeks:

  • Launching the first and largest aquaponics farm in the Philippines
  • Opening for tourism for locals to experience the world of aquaponics for the first time in their lives
  • Finding buyers who believe in our product and give us the price we need to cover expenses as well as future growth
  • Harvesting our first week for purchase orders from our first buyer

WOW, You might say? Well yes, it’s a wow and the view and images and experiences are amazing and well mountaintop moments. BUT it’s hard to breathe there. The air is thin. There are so many new things that we face and so many cultural and communication issues that arise, we need to descend. The altitude of those moments is causing us to be dizzy and lose strength. You see we are not meant to live on the mountain tops…we are not created for that type of elevation. Why do you think no one stays and builds a home on the top of Mount Everest? The challenge is worth the view but you don’t live there. Everyone must come down.

The valley which sometimes is looked upon as a valley of the shadow of death, the place where we face deep correction, a path that is sad and dark is actually the lushest of places to rest. And after these last couple weeks, that is what we craved. The valley.

You see we can breathe in the valley, there is no shortage of air and we can roam freely. “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he restores my soul, your rod and staff comfort me, you anoint my head with oil, prepare a table before my enemies” This is the place we are finding ourselves craving and the place which we are heading towards now.

We knew that coming here to do what we are doing would not be easy. We knew that we were facing generations of poverty mindsets and bringing big thinking and a new way of farming would be a challenge. We knew the culture is one that is so completely opposite to ours and we would need the Grace of God to operate here. We knew that we are bringing kingdom principles of business and forethought that is not practiced here and time would be needed to effectively put these in place. We knew that we were forerunners and we would be forging a new path.

We knew…


As I rested with a coffee I got a picture of a jungle and we have machetes and we are cutting down and making a way, a path that will prove to be life changing for future generations. On the other side of this is prosperity in all areas that no one here has experienced before.  It’s just our machetes have gotten a bit dull and we need to go sharpen them. 😊 So this holiday season we take a step back to rest, to head down to the next valley before the next mountaintop and renew our souls.