There is much excitement around our trip and what God is doing for the nation of the Philippines. The aquaponics and the 7 families that we are doing life with fill our days and we LOVE IT! But that is exactly what is happening… we are “doing life.” Doing life is a very broad term and it sounds lovely but in truth DOING LIFE is full of ups and downs and even more so as a family when you have teenagers and you are living in community.

This past week I read this quote from Graham Cooke:

“Dreams are always received in comfort, but they are birthed in adversity.”

This spurred me on yesterday morning as I was reading and spending time with God and I felt him lead me to study the creation of diamonds. They are not made out of coal as some people say but they do require A LOT of pressure and heat in order to form and be created. For all you science and detail oriented people this next part is for you and for all you task-oriented people looking for the point it will come after this. 😉

The diamond formation can occur in 2 ways and both require long periods of time. The first of which happens in the earths mantel. It occurs in VERY high temps and pressures about 90 miles beneath the earth where temps are at least 2000 degrees F. Diamonds formed and stored in these “diamond stability zones” are delivered to the earth during deep-source volcanic eruptions. These eruptions TEAR OUT pieces of the mantle and carry them rapidly to the surface. The second way diamonds can form when a meteorite strikes and with that high pressure and temperature occurring all at once diamonds can be formed. (references below)

In both instances, we are seeing HIGH PRESSURE and HIGH HEAT in order to form the most beautiful jewel that costs one much money to obtain. Definity NOT a comfortable process.

As we faced an evening and morning full of “high heat” and “pressure” from our teenagers the Holy Spirit gently reminded me with a smile, “We are making diamonds…”

Romans 5:4 and James 1:3 confirms what is occurring in our lives when we feel high pressure and high heat.

Romans 5:4 NASB

“Exult in tribulations, tribulations bring perseverance, perseverance proven character, and proven character HOPE. Hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out within in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. “

James 1:3 NASB

“Consider it joy when you encounter various trials – knowing the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have it’s perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing!”

In the midst of frustration and tears, of our teenagers making their presence and new found authority known. In the midst of trying to be on the same page as husband and wives, finding the balance of parenting between our different styles and opinions. In the midst of an awareness of seeing the larger vision of where we are going and feeling these are speed bumps slowing us down… the truth is this is adversity and it’s not a bad thing. This is pressure and this is heat; the two things that make the most beautiful diamonds that people will be in awe of. The BEST PART of all this is that diamonds don’t really do anything. The earth with all its heat, pressure, and activity do the creating.

So know this: that in your highest points of pressure and what seems like the heat got turned up a billion degrees and there is darkness all around –  that there is a purpose in it all. We can be sure and confident that something strong, unbreakable and beautiful is being formed – lacking nothing, full of character and bursting with HOPE! The dream you were given in comfort is happening! It is being birthed – the adversity is proof of it all. We are going after some big vision and big dreams these next several months but our family will always come first. We will fight hard for our family and our relationships to work and in it all we will embrace the Grace that comes with adversity – the Grace that gives perspective and HOPE for the future!

As for our teenagers and “DOING LIFE?” We can relax and trust the process. You see as Mike left for the farm that morning – our 15-year-old ran after him and apologized in tears, knowing he had created an environment that we do not appreciate in our home. Admitting he had pushed boundaries and had caused frustration. He then came and found me and as tears came down his face – he apologized to me as well, for dishonoring me and speaking rudely which he knows hurt my heart. Hope returns….Looks like the diamond is starting to form…

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