Newhooks Adventures

Bringing Prosperity to Poverty & Vision to Aimlessness

The Vision & Mission

Their mission is to bring prosperity to poverty and vision to aimlessness and they do this through business. Since 2005 Mike and Becky have been entreprenuers but when they started their marriage in 2000 they were church planters in the Philippines. Paths crossed and relationships were made in both seasons and now they have collided and it is beyond what they could have ever imagined possible!

Commercial Aquaponics

3 years ago the Philippines returned to Mike and Becky’s radar and launched a vision that could only come from heaven. Over the last 3 years the Newhooks have been creating a path of purpose for the people in the Philippines. Launching 2 commercial aquaponics farms has created consistent income and agricultrual firsts for the Benget Region. In the fall of 2019, their next commercial aquaponics farm will be launched in Canada creating another opportunity for income and further expansion in countries around the world, including the Philippines.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Since 2005 Mike and Becky have owned and operated their own companies. Starting with a small recycling company in Canmore, Alberta they learned many lessons about owning a business, sometimes the hard way! But it was through these lessons and expereiences that brought them to where they are today. Metron launched in Canmore in 2008. It now has 2 divisions, one being Online Marketing and the second being IT. In the fall of 2019, a 3rd divison will be added that will take advantage of the VOIP business phone systems market.

The History & Journey

Feels Like Home

How did this all begin? Read a short story version of how Mike and Becky found themselves in the Philippines, as business owners and now aquaponics farmers.

Learn to Dream Again

What happens when you settle into life after some challenging years? Well…you start dreaming again! Read how Becky found herself in places she never dreamed she would be.

Family First

If your family is not healthy and thriving what does any other success really mean? Read about the new season as their teenagers begin to have their own dreams.

Newhooks Adventures Blog

Our journey began in 2000, when we left Canada 6 weeks after we got married to go to the Philippines to plant churches and work with youth and feeding programs. We were only 21 and 23! Who knew we would return 15 years later to work with those same youth but as entreprenuars with the ability to support the vision and mission. Join Becky, (and the odd time Mike) as they share their hearts through it all.

The Parachute Principle

In moments when you feel like you are free-falling or in times when there is panic or uncertainty I must share something called The Parachute Principle. Last month God showed me the most amazing view and I felt like the timing of sharing it was now. With our 16 year...

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Pressing Pause

You don’t want to miss a scene so you press pause… You have to take a bathroom break so you press pause… You get interrupted so you press pause… The definition of pause is an interrupted action or speech briefly; a temporary stop in action or speech. Our actions are...

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Ok sometimes I can be a little dramatic…the word forsaken is a very dramatic word. It represents isolation, barrenness, and scorn. So when I use that word I feel a little dramatic. But in returning here and with the challenges of the aquaponics farms, the financial...

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Desperately Needy

I hate being needy but I love to help people in need...seems a bit of a problem if everyone is like me. We have been home from the Philippines for almost 1 month as of this weekend and I believe we underestimated the toll a transition like this would take after living...

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Tune Up

We have been in Canada for 13 days. Jet lag was not as bad as we have experienced in the past which has been great. Just a few sleepy moments and maybe some late nights but completely manageable. The most common question that we are asked is “When are you going back?”...

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Death is His Specialty

I am not sure what is so good about Good Friday. Honestly, it should be called Gorey Friday. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical or Anglican – Easter is a time that we remember why we have Love, Grace and Forgiveness extended not only to our own life but...

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If not them…then who???

**This blog has been approved by #teenagerville and is being used with their permission** A lot of our blogs are about the passion and obedience to build these aquaponics farms here in the Philippines to bring change to families for generations. The struggles, the...

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All In

As our time comes to a close for this trip I am reminded of how grateful we are for this past season. The title of this blog says it all. “All in”. I realize how easy it was to say that 6 months ago. How it just rolled off my tongue when carrying a conversation. Of...

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Friday, March 8th was harvest day. We were harvesting 44 kilos of lettuce for Manila delivery. 4 of us were meeting at 9am as we usually had for a couple of months to harvest, process and pack 528 heads of romaine lettuce. Walking into the farm my foot stepped into a...

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Goaded For Good

“And now, isn’t it wonderful all the ways in which this distress has goaded you closer to God? You’re more alive, more concerned, more sensitive, more reverent, more human, more passionate, more responsible.” 2 Corinthians 7:11-13 “This distress has goaded you closer...

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Spiritual Interference

The word Interfere defined is “to take part or intervene in an activity without invitation or necessity.”  Don’t you find that funny? Without invitation or necessity…hmmm that makes me really think about our lives and how things are working for us here and how things...

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Facing Giants

This month is almost over and we feel like it really flew by! Normally January is such a long month and I understand for some of you reading this it is feeling that way! With winter in full force January sometimes drags on and on and on and….well you get the point....

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Moving Sidewalks

We are in the season of moving sidewalks. This week Highland Aquaponics will be announcing the launch of our SECOND FARM which will break ground February 1. If you are on our newsletter email list you know that the start of 2019 was not full of celebration but loss...

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The Fog of Forgetfulness

The Fog of Forgetfulness This past week my mom celebrated her 60th birthday! It’s a big one and we missed it. We missed the party and the fun, the planning and surprises that come with a 60th birthday celebration. It is not often that we miss home but this past...

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Diamonds in #teenagerville

There is much excitement around our trip and what God is doing for the nation of the Philippines. The aquaponics and the 7 families that we are doing life with fill our days and we LOVE IT! But that is exactly what is happening… we are “doing life.” Doing life is a...

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Married to a Dreamer

Mike has been the one most awaiting our return to the Philippines. He has been working on Skype video calls and Facebook Messenger with our team, who are also our friends, on a daily and weekly basis. His aquaponics dream has taken flight and is in full motion – all...

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Learning to Dream Again

Life isn’t fair. There is something about life that causes you to reflect and realize that everything that has happened was maybe not in the best interest of you. But also in that reflection you realize that you would never be who you are today without it. This is our...

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