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The Philippines




Learn to Dream Again

In the fall of 2016, going to the Philippines was not even on the radar for our family. We had two businesses that were continuing to grow, two boys settled in a good school, and we finally felt like we were getting ahead. Then God showed up in a surprising and beautiful way. Our story is one that will give you hope to dream again…

Feels Like Home

In October 2018, we will be returning to the Philippines for the third time in under two years. Our heart for the nation began in 2000 when, as newlyweds, we partnered with a local organization to work with Filipino youth. It was an amazing experience, which ended in 2003 when we returned to Canada to have our first son. Fast forward fifteen years and we find ourselves in relationship with those same youth, who are now married with kids themselves! With an incredible heart connection, we found ourselves filled with a vision for the people of the Philippines.

The Projects

After two trips to the Philippines in 2017 & 2018, it became clear that there was a large gap in business knowledge and training. Taking time with entrepreneurs to hear their struggles, Mike began to see that basic business principles – such as budgeting, cash flow, and management – were lacking greatly. It was through these trips, meetings, and partnerships that dreams began to take flight. Below you will find our current projects and the impact we are trusting to make.

Life Training
Marriage, Parenting, Finances

Business Launch
Highland Aquaponics

Business Training
Local Entrepreneur Workshops

Philippines Gallery

Relationships take priority for the Newhook family. In returning to the Philippines after 15 years, their hearts felt like they had been gone a weekend. It is with through these relationships that businesses are being built, families are learning to live in health and where everyone is learning to be your true self and still be loved! We hope you enjoy some of the special moments here in our gallery.